Lift A Life Foundation Grant Application

Capacity Building: Investing in the Future

Posted on December 22nd, 2014

When it comes to capacity building the effectiveness and impact are what matter, not the quantity of outputs, or how replicable a program might be. There are many ways a nonprofit can build it’s capacity to achieve greater impact. Capacity building may also be exciting and “innovative,” and is not always about “scaling up.” Even small organizations with modest budgets and very focused missions can emerge into high-performing, impactful organizations, given the will and the resources to do so.

Capacity building, simply put, is an investment in the future sustainability of a nonprofit. Out of 171 applications The Community Foundation of Louisville recently awarded 17 nonprofits grants totaling nearly $300,000 of funding for 2015. These capacity building grants are made possible by $198,122 from the Community Foundation, $50,000 from Lift a Life Foundation, and an anonymous grant of $50,000 from a Community Foundation donor. This funding is intended to increase the ability of Louisville nonprofits to achieve their mission, operate more effectively and build long-term sustainability.

Here are the 17 nonprofits awarded grants for their capacity building needs:

We, here at Lift a Life Foundation, look forward to seeing the major impact they all will make in greater Louisville.

To read the press release on the Community Foundation of Louisville capacity building grants announcement click here.