Lift A Life Foundation Grant Application

For Our Children

Kindergarten ready education is of great importance here at Lift a Life Foundation, and even more important in the lives of every pre-k age child. Research shows that success in school begins before the child ever steps foot in the classroom. If a child is prepared in Kindergarten they are less likely to fall behind.

We make investments to support high quality care and early learning centers for children before they start kindergarten. We do this because the evidence is clear: when young children have healthy and enriching experiences, along with high-quality instruction, they are more likely to be ready for school and to transition successfully into kindergarten and beyond.

We are not alone; our partner at Metro United Way with the Excellence Academy work passionately in an effort for all children to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Research proves that early learning is one of the best investments we can make — for our children, for our communities, and for the overall economic well-being of our country. This graphic from The White House gives even more evidence.

early childhood stats

There is still a lot of work to be done to ensure that children are no longer at-risk, but with strong partnerships and commitment from leaders and parents all children truly can be kindergarten ready!