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Weekend Hunger: The Invisible Problem

Over 700,000 Kentuckians, or 1 in 6 are food insecure. This staggering statistic is an unfortunate reality. Too many have to choose between food and other necessities across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

In 2014,

  • 69% had to choose between food and medical care.
  • 67% had to choose between food and utilities.
  • 63% had to choose between food and transportation.

These heartbreaking statistics and decisions that parents face are only complicated by the fact that when the weekend comes so does the reality of weekend hunger. So what happens when school-age kids, who participate in the Federal Breakfast (55%) and Lunch (64%) program, are home in one of the 76% of Kentucky households that are food insecure?

Here’s the terrible truth:

  • 37% have watered down food or drinks to make it stretch farther.
  • 58% eat food past the expiration date.
  • 91% purchase inexpensive unhealthy food to feed their family.

Hunger has long-term consequences on children’s health, education and futures. It’s a scene that plays out in too many Kentucky children’s lives where a child has the inability to focus in the classroom due to hunger. Friday, which is typically an exciting last day of the week is a worrisome time for those kids from food insecure households.

Kids who may come from these particular households and suffer from “weekend hunger”:

  • Show signs of chronic hunger
  • Regularly ask for food
  • Hoard or steal food to take home
  • Frequently are sick
  • Unable to concentrate

How can we fight this overwhelming, but solvable problem? Thankfully there are organizations out there working to beat hunger; especially for children who are powerless in fighting this battle themselves, and we thank you!

To learn more about what you and your organization can do to help solve hunger in Kentucky please click here.