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Thanks for the Turkey, but What About the Other 364 Days of the Year?

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1 in 6 people across Kentucky don’t get enough to eat to live a healthy life, and 1 in 5 don’t have enough money for food. Thanks to our partners who are feeding others, as well as other food banks across the state, some of those people effected are getting fed.

During the holidays we tend to see “good will towards men”, and with that comes generous donations and selfless acts to those that need it such as in soup kitchens and at food banks. But what happens to those that still need 3 hot, nourishing meals the other times of the year?

Here’s some staggering statistics:

  • Over 49 million people in America struggle with hunger around the holidays.
  • 730,480 people in Kentucky have food insecurity.
  • As of 2012, overwhelmingly $23,497,478,000 is needed additionally to meet food needs across America.
  • Average cost per meal is $2.74. For 3 square meals a day, per person $8.22.

What is food insecurity? Food insecurity, according to the USDA measurements, is lack of access, at times, to enough food  for all household members in order to live an active, healthy life, and limited or uncertain availability of nutritious foods.

Interestingly, food insecure households are not necessarily food insecure all the time. It may mean that nutritionally rich foods are sacrificed for adequate food in order to pay important bills (i.e. housing, medical, electric, water).

Here at Lift A Life we have the privilege to partner with some incredible organizations that feed Kentucky and the world: Dare to CareLead2Feed, Kentucky Association of Food Banks, and World Food Program all play an integral part in fighting hunger.

On Thanksgiving Eve, 1969, nine-year-old Bobby Ellis died of malnutrition in his Louisville home.  After this devastating death, Dare to Care Food Bank was born to ensure that everyone in the Louisville community would have enough food to live an active, healthy life.

For the fiscal year 2014, nearly 50 percent of Dare to Care’s individual gifts came during the Fall or “Holiday” season.

According to Brian Riendeau, Dare to Care Executive Director. “Dare to Care is blessed to receive the services of over 2,500 volunteers in the past year to help us distribute food for 15 million meals in Kentuckiana. We could not do our job without their help. The volume of offers we receive from people wanting to volunteer does skyrocket around the holidays. But our work goes on all year long, so we try to redirect these offers to help throughout the year.”

While you’re enjoying food, surrounded by family and friends, and the comfort all that entails; take a second to remember Bobby, and maybe think on a way that you can help fight hunger the other 364 days a year.

From all of us here at Lift A Life Foundation, Happy Thanksgiving!